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Mon.-Fr.: 10:00 - 17:15
+7 (495) 103-40-41
Moscow city, Gorodok im. Baumana 1-15
09:15 - 17:15
129301, Moscow,
Kasatkina Str., 3

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Advanced training courses

Restoration Art Institution arranges for professional and advanced training courses for specialists in field of preservation of the cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments) of the nations of the Russian Federation. Students with higher or secondary professional education are admitted to the courses. Advanced training courses shall be carried out at address: Moscow city, Kasatkina Street, building 3, Restoration Art Institute. Training shall be carried out with a break from the practice of 72 academic hours (9 business days). Cost of education is 19 800 rubles. In process of education, the students are offered with a wide program of review and analytical lectures on topics:

1. Methods of diagnostics of the construction structures, devices and equipment

2. Brick setting types. Determination of the brick age

3. Restoration, reconstruction and adaptation of the architectural monuments

4. Principles of modern restoration. Structure, procedure of designing, negotiation and approval of the design estimation documentation

5. Environmental valuation and selection of materials in restoration of the architectural monuments. Legal basis of environmental protection

6. Accident-prevention works and engineering strengthening of the bearing structures of architectural monuments

7. Restoration and reconstruction, their role in preservation of the objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the nations of the Russian Federation

8. Chemical technologies in restoration

9. New regulatory requirements to development of the projects of protection zones of the cultural heritage objects

10. Engineering and geologic diagnostic of deformation of the architectural monuments

11. Engineering and geologic diagnostic of deformation of the architectural monuments

12. Designing and restoration of the landscape architecture monuments and garden and park art

13. Information and communication technologies upon performance of the design works and restoration

14. Art of negotiations and pursuing of its own interests during project works;

15. etc.

Upon completion of the training, students are granted with the CERTIFICATE of advanced training in statutory form.

To participate in the courses, students shall submit Application at address: info@resvuz.ru or umo@mtuci.ru.

Additional information is available on number: (495) 788-39-60; (495) 767-29-48; (495) 767-28-49

Timing of the scheduled advanced training in 2016:

  • February -from 24.02 until 04.03;
  • March - from 14.03 until 23.03;
  • April – from 06.04 until 15.04;
  • May - from16.05 until 25.05;
  • June – from 01.06 until10.06;
  • July - from 04.07 until 13.07;
  • August - from 22.08 until 31.08;
  • September - from 21.09 until 30.09;
  • October -from 19.10 until 28.10;
  • November - from 14.11 until 23.11;
  • December -from 12.12 until 21.12.

Retraining courses

Restoration Art Institute offers additional professional education on faculty of HR retraining in domain of preservation of the cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments) of the nations of the Russian Federation.

Training shall be carried out on the professional educational program, formed in accordance with the state regulations established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation within the scope of major “Restoration”. Training shall be carried out during one academic year (from October until June) on modular system (four modules two weeks of full time education, break between modules is 2-2.5 months). Duration of the training is over 500 hours. Cost of training is 76000 rubles.

Following completion of the training, the student shall perform final thesis (draft project of restoration of the cultural heritage object), consisting of the graphical part and explanatory note. Based on results of the defense of attestation work, the student is granted with diploma of professional retraining of the statutory form entitling to practice professional activity in restoration domain.

For enrolment to retraining faculty, students shall submit Application to the Institute.