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Mon.-Fr.: 10:00 - 17:15
+7 (495) 103-40-41
Moscow city, Gorodok im. Baumana 1-15
09:15 - 17:15
129301, Moscow,
Kasatkina Str., 3

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Student life

“Zazhigalka” Drama Group

Manager – Bobrova Lidia Sergeevna
Drama Group was created in 2010 based on the Restoration Art Institute Concept: historical theatre.

Nowadays the following shows are put on the stage:

  • Night Before Christmas after the eponymous novel by Gogol, N.V.
  • The Tale of Soldier Fedot, The Daring Fellow by play of Filatov, L.
  • «You get what you go for» (pictures of Moscow life) by play of Ostrovsky, A.N.

Drama Group regularly participates in various festive events, and appears at events organized by the Institute.