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Entry examinations

Exemplary program of the additional creative entry examinations on Technical Drawing

“Technical drawing” exam (composition of the three simplest geometric bodies in a perspective, representation drawing).

Examination procedure and requirements to fulfillment of the task:

The task shall be fulfilled on a drawing paper form А3 by pencil and ink.

Prospective students are provided with axonometric image of a complex object. The prospective student shall create three orthogonal projections on given image: front view, lateral view, topside view in scale 1:1 with showing of visual and hidden lines.

Upon fulfillment of the task, the following terms shall be met:

1) accurate arrangement on the sheet, selection of the sheet orientation;

2) revealing of hidden lines with interrupted lines;

3) setting of the required dimensions and legend required for univocal reading of the projections.

Upon fulfillment of the task the prospective student shall demonstrate:

1) knowing of the main principles and rules of imaging in the orthogonal (rectangular) projections and axonometry, and ability to use thereof in work;

2) knowing of the main technical drawing approaches with the use of various drawing tools (T-Square ruler, angles, scale rulers, divider, measuring set, pencils, drafting-pen, rapidograph, pen);

3) rules of filling in of sizes, radiuses, angles and forming up of layers and profiles;

4) ability to make basic geometrical constructions in the technical drawing: dividing segments and angles into parts, making various types of lines, constructing conjunctions and basic geometrical figures;

5) ability to accurately (within the scope of the canonic requirements) compound the received image on a sheet and knowing of the rules of composition of font texts;

6) speed and quality of technical drawing.

Recommended line density: main – 0.3 – 0.4 mm, hidden – 0.2 mm, axis, remote, dimensional 0.1 mm, cut line – 0.7 – 1.0 mm.

Text and numerical signs may be made in any font.

For making of the trial lines and performance of the separate rough drawings at the exam, the students are provided with the trial sheet in 1/4 of the standard sheet form А-3. Task shall be fulfilled within 4 astronomic hours.