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Entry examinations

Exemplary program of additional creative entry examinations on Painting

“PAINTING” Exam (composition of three simplest geometric bodies in perspective, representational art).

Examination procedure and requirements to fulfillment of tasks

Task shall be fulfilled by simple graphite pencils at drawing paper format А-3. I. For all majors: Restoration, and Restoration and Reconstruction of the Architectural Heritage Objects:

Painting exam

Task 1

Exam: Volumetric composition – still life

The exam allows identification of the initial skills of the prospective students in working with color, ability to analyze full-scale performance and to create plain coloristic composition on its basis.

Full-scale basis of the composition is a setting of 5-7 objects with various level of color from nearly achromatic to spectral. Objects have geometric and natural form; their colors create coloristic and tonal contrasts.

It is required to create plain coloristic composition transmitting structure, color and silhouette properties of the setting, and proportional relations of their components. The task is challenged by the requirement to strengthening or softening of the color tonal relations

Examination work includes sheet form А3 with drafts of future composition and sheet form А2 with coloristic composition.

Drafts and composition shall be made by pencil.

The task shall completed within 4 hours.

Form of examination is writing.