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Admission board

Rules of entry examinations carried out solely by the Institution

Program of entry examinations corresponds to the exemplary program of entry examinations to higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation recommended by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Entry examinations are carried out in Russian language. Entry examinations are carried out in form of written examination. Students are provided with a set of examination materials: examination tasks, answer sheet and draft paper. Solution results of the examination tasks are reflected on the answer sheet.

On the date of the entry examinations, students shall:

  • Timely arrive at the university at relevant classroom by the time indicated in the entry examination schedule;
  • Enter the classroom accompanied by the assistants, presenting passport and examination sheet. At absence of the passport and/or examination sheet, issue on admission of the student to the examination shall be settled by the responsible secretary of the Admission Board;
  • Occupy working place indicated by the examiner.

In presence of the prospective students, Chairman of Chairman Deputy of the Admission Board shall open sealed package with examination materials in the examination room.

Upon reception of the sets of examination materials, students shall:

  • Take the instructions conducted by the examiner in the classroom;
  • Following reception of the examination tasks, pay attention to their completeness, check polygraphic quality of documents.

Following declaration of the commencement of the examination (commencement and termination time of the examination shall be stated at the board), student shall start fulfillment of the examination tasks.

Examination task shall be initially fulfilled on a draft paper, followed by rewriting to the answer sheet. Fulfillment of written examination task is allowed on final draft only. Written examination tasks, including draft papers, shall be fulfilled on sheets bearing the stamp of the higher educational institution without any notes reflecting the task authorship. Task shall be fulfilled by gel pen with black penpoint.

The following is prohibited during the examination:

  • Conversations;
  • Getting up from places;
  • Movements;
  • Exchange of any materials and objects;
  • Use of mobile phones or other means of communication, photo and video equipment, portable personal computers (notebooks, pocket PCs and other);
  • Use of any reference materials;
  • Exit from the classroom, if required, not accompanied by the member of the examination board.

Use of rulers and electronic calculators, which do not contain any additional information (formulas, calculations, constants, etc) is permitted.

At the end of the examination, all students shall submit examination materials to the examination board (rewriting and taking out of the examination materials is prohibited).