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Admission board

Procedure of additional creative exams

Short description of additional creative examinations on creative and/or professional major in Nonpublic Educational Institution “Restoration Art Institute” in 2014.

1. For all majors: “Restoration” and “Restoration and Reconstruction of the Architectural Heritage”:

Painting Exam

Exam: 3D composition – still nature

Purpose of the examination is to identify the initial skill and ability of the prospective student to work with color, ability to analyze nature setting and to create surface coloristic composition on its basis.

Nature basis of the composition is setting of 5-7 objects with various color grade from nearly achromatic to spectral. Objects have geometric and natural form; their colors create coloristic and tonal contrasts.

It is required to create subspace coloristic composition reflecting structure, color and silhouette properties of the setting, and proportional relations of its components. The task is challenged by requirements to strengthening or softening of color tonal relations.

Examination paper includes sheet form А3 with sketches of future composition and sheet form А2 with coloristic composition.

Sketches and composition is made in pencil.

Task is fulfilled during 4 hours.

Form of exam - writing

2. For all majors:

Technical Drawing exam

Purpose of examination: to determine of degree of preparation of the prospective students for successful completion of the most complex educational program in multiprofile higher educational institution with specific properties of the artistic and technical educational institution.

Knowledge and skills tested during the exam:

Spatial representation within the limits of knowledge of basic standard methods of image plotting on subspace.

Knowledge of the basic principles and rules of image plotting in orthogonal (rectangular) projections and axonometry, and ability to use thereof in work.

Ability to use basic methods of drawing with various drawing tools (T-Square ruler, angles, scale rulers, divider, measuring set, pencils, drafting-pen, rapidograph, pen).

Knowledge of GOSTs on formats, lines, scales, fonts, rules of placing dimensions, radiuses, angles, and plotting of layers and sections.

Ability to make basic geometrical constructions in technical drawing: dividing segments and angles into parts, making various types of lines, constructing conjunctions and basic geometrical figures.

Ability to accurately (within the scope of the canonic requirements) compound the received image on a sheet and knowing of the rules of composition of font texts.

Speed and quality of technical drawing.

During the examination, prospective students shall accurately arrange and plot three orthogonal projections of the given axonometric image with pencil and ink, in scale 1:1, and with demonstration of visual and hidden lines on a drawing paper form A3 bearing the stamp of the admission board. Students shall plot axis lines, required dimensions, diameters and radiuses, make frame, place notes: “Technical Drawing Examination”, “Scale 1:1”, and graduated scale line with numerical notations.

Task shall be fulfilled during four astronomic hours (total timing is 240 minutes).

Recommended line density: main – 0.3 – 0.4 mm, hidden – 0.2 mm, axis, remote, dimensional 0.1 mm, cut line – 0.7 – 1.0 mm.

Text and numerical signs may be made in any font.

Object axonometry is provided in rectangular isometry in scale 1:1 with all required dimensions and notions sufficient for univocal reading of the object form and determination of its size in general and in detail. Construction is provided as an en block structural body made from a single material without any two-piece units and parts.

For plotting of the trial lines performance of separate draft constructions during the examination, the students are provided with trial sheet of standard format А-3 of the same grade of drawing paper.

The task is fulfilled during 4 hours.

Examination form is written.

Preparation to learning of the requirements for fulfillment of additional examination tasks of creative and/or professional major is achieved by completion of relevant programs at the applicable forms of preliminary (pre-educational) training.