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Mon.-Fr.: 10:00 - 17:15
+7 (495) 103-40-41
Moscow city, Gorodok im. Baumana 1-15
09:15 - 17:15
129301, Moscow,
Kasatkina Str., 3

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Mission of the Restoration Art Institute

Recently, Nonpublic Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Restoration Art Institute” is the only one higher educational institution in the Russian Federation of completely restoration profile.

In development of the educational quality strategic management system, the Institute sees its mission in increasing of the professional competence level of the graduate students of higher educational institution, preserving the best traditions of the national educational system, active participation of the teachers and students in protection of the cultural heritage objects, and in education of the students based on the universal human values.

Educational process in the Institute is based on multiple level system of continuous training on programs of various educational levels: pre-university training; bachelor and master training; postgraduate training: alternative university education, retraining and advanced training.

The Institute fulfills functions of the basic higher educational institution of the educational and methodological association of education in restoration domain enhancing structure and scope of education offered to the students.

The Institute guarantees:

  • Satisfaction of personal needs in intellectual, cultural and moral development via all available educational (training) levels;
  • Ensuring priority of innovations in educational domain, scientific and creative activity;
  • Maximum assistance in creative self-realization of the students, teachers, and stuff of the Institute;
  • Ensuring openness of the educational system with preservation of its integrity and maintenance of higher professional quality standards;
  • Strengthening of relations between the professional education institution and restoration and scientific organizations through creation of the scientific, restoration, and educational centers, associations and noncommercial partnerships, arrangement for competitions and exhibitions, expansion of the editing activity.