International scientific-practical conference
"The constructivism of Yekaterinburg - a step into the 21st century"

About conference

The conference organizers - NSEI HVE "Restoration Art Institute" and FSBIC "Cultural and historical monuments management agency" of Russian Ministry of Culture, with the support of the Russian Federation Ministry of Culture, the Governor of Sverdlovsk Region, the Administration of the city of Yekaterinburg, the German Embassy in Russia, the French Embassy and the French Institute in Russia, the Royal Danish Academy of Art, the Union of Russian restorers, RAACS, Russian UA, the State scientific research museum of architecture named after A.V. Shchusev, the Sverdlovsk regional museum, the Charitable Foundation "Save the Monuments", the Ural branch of the State Center for Contemporary Art, "Europa-Nostra" and "Remmers" company.

The Conference will be held on April 14 and 15, 2016 in the city of Ekaterinburg, at the Chamber Theatre, according to the following address: Proletarskaya str., 18

The conference is preceded by the celebrations of the International Day for monuments and historical places, the European heritage days, the year of Franco-Russian cultural tourism.

During the plenary sessions and round tables within the framework of the conference, Domestic and foreign experts will hold discussions about the architectural and design features of the monuments during constructivism era of 30-ies, which will contribute to the development of a strategy for the conservation and sustainable use of a unique heritage of the XX-th century. They will also discuss the theme of "Constructivism in Russia - the phenomenon of the 30-ies in the world architecture, the update of proposals for the introduction of cultural heritage objects of Yekaterinburg in the UNESCO world heritage lists".

The result of discussion should be the drawing up of a package of documents aimed at the preservation of architectural constructivism in Yekaterinburg, as well as at management system improvement concerning the objects of cultural heritage and architectural environment.

Experts from Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, various restoration companies and schools are among the guests.

The participants
and their topics

Program of the Scientific-Practical Conference “The Constructivism of Yekaterinburg – a step into the 21st century”

Venue of conference - Chamber Theatre, Yekaterinburg city, Proletarskaya Street, 18

April 14

9.00-10.00 – Registration of participants.

10.00- 14.00 – ПFirst plenary meeting.

Greetings of:

Ryzhkov O.V., Head of the Federal State Budgetary Cultural Establishment Agency for management and operation of the historical and cultural monuments (FGBUK AUIPIK) of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Moscow) – “Constructivism in Russia - the phenomenon in the 30-s of the XX century in world culture” (with proposals for the introduction of objects of cultural heritage of Yekaterinburg city into the UNESCO World Heritage list);

Kudryavtsev, A.P., Vice President of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Chairman of the Temporary Council of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS);

Bokov A.V., President of the Union of Architects of Russia, Doctor of Architecture (Moscow city) — “Formation of contemporary architectural environment of the city with involvement of constructivist monuments”;

Нolger GLADYS (Germany), Leading Architect of "Bauhaus" Center (Weimar) — “Showed transition to request architectural direction "Bauhaus" as a "forerunner" of constructivism in Sverdlovsk”.

12.00-12.15- Coffee Break

Pascal PRUNET (France), chief architect of historical monuments in France — “Design and restoration work on the Villa Savoy. The principles of restoration, technology, procurement, produced in the course of work”;

Soeren VADSTRUP (Denmark), Professor of the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Restoration – “The architectural and design features of the architectural monuments of the 30-s in the Central Europe”;

Myriam Yvonne BOUICHOU (France), officer of "Concrete" Lab on research of historical monuments – “Identification and preservation of old types of concrete in France”;

Lars ANDERSKOV – Chief Consultant of Danish Royal Academy of Fine Sciences (Denmark, Copenhagen);

14.15 – 15.00 – Lunch

15.00- 17.00 – Second plenary meeting

Ryabinin E.G., Head of the Department of Cultural Heritage of Sverdlovsk Region (Yekaterinburg) – “Legal issues of preservation of constructivist monuments in Sverdlovsk Region»;

Abdullaev T.N., Chief Architect of Yekaterinburg city — “The architectural and design features of architectural monuments in 30-s. City development strategy”;

Markina I.A., Professor of PEI HPE "Restoration Art Institute", Chairman of the Union of Architects of the heritage of the Council of Russia (Moscow), State Expert in “Problems of modern use of constructivism buildings. Specific aspects of accounting of the architectural elements upon determination of the objects of protection”;

Mikhaylova, L.G., Chairman of Sverdlovsk Division of the Russian National Society for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments (Yekaterinburg city) (subject of report is clarified by the author);

Fatin V.N., Chairman of the Union of Restorers of Russia, Head of CNRPM (Moscow city) — “Current trends in the restoration and adaptation of Constructivist monuments”;

Korob’ina, I.M., President of the Federal State Budget Cultural Establishment “State Research and Development Museum of Architecture n/a Shchusev, A.V.” – “On program of preservation and restoration of Soviet architectural vanguard buildings”;

Snedkov, A.G., - Director of “Spetsproektrestavratsia” Institute (Moscow city) (subject of report is clarified by the author);

Smirnov, L.N., – Head of Architectural and Construction Ecology Department UralGAHA (Yekaterinburg city);

Shibaev S.U., Technical Director "Remmers" LLC (Russia-Germany) – “Selection of the restoration methods of reinforced concrete structures of constructivism era”;

Bogatyrev, S.E., Deputy General Director of the State Museum and Exhibition Center “ROSIZO” – “Vanguard monuments in Russian Architecture”.

18.00-19.00 – Visiting of exhibition “Russian vanguard heritage as a resource of modern city identity. Constructivism of Yekaterinburg city” in the Museum of architecture and design of Yekaterinburg city. Excursion is arranged by the Director of Museum, Shtubov, E.V.

19.00 – Cocktails.

April 15

9.30 – 11.00 – (for foreign participants) – excursion on city constructivism places of interest.

10.00 – 13.00 – Strategic Session “Roadmap of protection of architectural vanguard heritage of Yekaterinburg city”.

Prudnikova, A., Moskvin, D., Ural Branch of the State Center of Modern Art – “Preservation and revitalization of constructivism monuments with the use of major modern art projects”;

Irina LEIFER – Teacher of Academy Reytvardt, Cecilia Hendricks – member of the creative team of Pink Pony Express (Netherlands, Amsterdam) – “About the urban environment design projects related to the formation of public opinion”;

Ilchenko M., Doctor of Political Sciences, researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (Yekaterinburg city) — “The architecture of the present: images, meanings and the logic of constructivism in the contemporary urban space”;

Piskunova L., Ph.D., Ural Federal University; Yankov, I., кPh.D., Ural Federal University; Starostova L., Ph.D., Ural State University of Railway Transport (Yekaterinburg city) – “Constructivist monuments in Yekaterinburg city and the urban environment: the semantic dynamics”.

13.00 – 14.00 – Lunch.

14.00-17.00 – Final plenary meeting.

Kornilov I.V., Director of the restoration workshop (Ivanovo) – “Features of restoration of constructivism monuments in Ivanovo region”;

Nikitina L.A., Chief Architect of the Regional Restoration Center (Barnaul) (subject of report is clarified with the author);

Shapovalova S.L., Professor of "Architectural Design” Department of the Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution for Higher Education, Kostroma State Agricultural Academy, State Expert of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Kostroma) (subject of report is clarified with the author).

Olenkov, V.D., Professor, Director of «Research and Development Project Center “Naslediye” LLC, State Expert of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Chelyabinsk city) (subject of report is clarified with the author);

Khlebnikova, N.A., Architect-Restorer, State Expert of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Samara) (subject of report is clarified with the author).

Kopylova, E.I., Dean of PEI HPE "Restoration Art Institute" - Draft Conference resolution.

Discussion of the draft and taking of conference resolution.

Nonfiction firm on constructivism monuments of Yekaterinburg city.

Final speech of Ryzhkov O.V., - Head of the Federal State Budgetary Cultural Establishment Agency for management and operation of the historical and cultural monuments (FGBUK AUIPIK) of the Ministry of Culture of Russia (Moscow city).

19.00 - Cultural program.

Responsible representatives of the Organizing Committee:

Restoration Art Institute - +7 (495) 788-39-60,

Afanasenkova Olga Georgievna - (916)9884242b